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Topic: thank you Balder
started by: fattiechef

Posted by fattiechef on Feb. 27 2011,20:31
I'd officially like to thank Balder for all his hard work with helping me build a multi-boot via his script.
so easy to use,and comprehensive.


Posted by Orochi on Mar. 12 2011,13:22
I would also like to thank balder as well for his efforts.
He is the most helpful person I've seen on the internet.
balder helped me more than several times with my projects.

balder thank you so much for your hard work :)

Posted by balder on Mar. 13 2011,03:52

Hrrrmmm – gentlemen you make me blush :;):

And yes it’s been a pretty “hard work” to make scripts work as suggested :cool:

Anyway thank you – and sorry for the far from 100% perfect English :O
My youngest son constantly complains on – what He consider - my “assaults” on English verbs and terrible spelling (He’s excellent in English speaking/writing) :D
However I’m doing my very best – I guess that age takes it’s contribute ???

Best wishes and regards from balder

Posted by fattiechef on Mar. 13 2011,17:05
your script is impecable and works a treat mate.
with combination of UltraISO for additional .img,all works as it say's on the label.
i found it easier with implying both concepts to make required software.

thanks again balder,you are great at what you do ,just don't give it up mate.
as person's like myself wouldn't find it too easy to instigate.
as i said,thanks mate...for all you hard work with running working active script.
if i can help you in any way just let me know.