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Topic: Plz Help me to make a Multi-Boot DVD9
started by: shanchya

Posted by shanchya on Jun. 21 2011,02:36
Hay friends,

I am new here, and this is my first post ….. let me give you many thanks for such an helpful forum.

I would like to know, how can I create multi-boot DVD, with EasyBoot software ? ya I know, you are tired to giving answer of such types of questions. But please allow me;

I like to make a DVD (DVD9) which will contain the
following items,

0. Boot From HDD
1. Windows 7 32 Bit
2. Windows XP SP2
3. Windows Server 2003 R2
4. UBUNTU 11.04 Desktop_32 Bit
5. UBUNTU 11.04 Server_32 Bit
6. UBUNTU 11.04 Server_64 Bit
7. Windows Rescue Media
8. Acronis True Image, Echo Server
9. Reboot.

I am not a rocket scientists like you pplz. So please help me. Show me, how can I make a multi-boot dvd with this 10 items.

Note: Sorry for my bad English ……

Thanks with Best Regards,

Posted by balder on Jun. 21 2011,03:29

As a new member I say welcome @shanchya :)

Quote: “I would like to know, how can I create multi-boot DVD, with EasyBoot software ?”

Well you can find most of these answers by simply use the “Search”-button in the upper right corner (search for “Older” topics as well) ???

Or to get a quick overview, at least read @AltairAC awesome tutorials < HERE >

To integrate Windows 7 32 Bit, Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 R2 you can try using my different scripts (you have download below in every post I write in this forum) :;):
You use “easyboot-aio.script” to integrate different NT5-systems, as example WinXP and server-2003
To integrate Windows7  you instead use “easyboot-vista\win7.script”!
Note: you can only have one NT6-system (Vista OR Win7) on same DVD.

The “UBUNTU-case” is pretty well described in post nr; 5 < HERE >
You can modify my grub-kicker-image quite easy.
And more info < HERE >

Windows Rescue Media case!
Don’t know what sort of ”rescue media” you are dealing with, but my script ”easyboot-iso.script” is able to launch any PE-build.iso-file build from source of Windows (both NT5, as NT6-systems). Example: erd, bartpe, msdart-iso-files etcetera.
You basically use the ISO as it is (no need to extract anything)
Read more < HERE >

The “acronis-case” - read post nr; 5 < HERE >

Quote: “Boot From HDD”
Quote: ”Reboot”
I quote from help-file in Easyboot :;): :
boot -- to boot from disk
          boot 80  boot from first hard disk
          boot 0    boot from first floppy
          reboot    reboot your computer

This means to boot from first harddisk you simply create menu and use menu command:  Boot 80
And to reboot you simply create menu and use menu command: reboot


Posted by shanchya on Jun. 21 2011,04:22
my friend , thank you very much for your quick reply .... i will start working step by step from just now .... wish me luck ... coz i have already damage 4 DVD9 for this ;) ..... i should use Virtual Box next time .....
Posted by balder on Jun. 21 2011,04:33

Quote: ” i should use Virtual Box next time”

Good idea :;):

Note: do not create the whole bunch of applications at same time :O
Instead do one by one - which is a quicker method to figure out solution to different applications :cool:

Let’s say you integrate ubuntu. Then only test integrating ubuntu and not the whole package as this takes such time :O

Then create another build (removing ubuntu-ISO’s to a temporary folder) let’s say windows rescue ISO (whatever you use) and test that build to see if you have solved that issue

When everything (one by one application) seems to operate correctly, you assembly all applications together - including the complete easyboot menu system - and first at this point create the final large ISO-file :)


Posted by shanchya on Jun. 21 2011,05:40
Thanks Mate ....... Thanks a Lot

To Admin: Please do not lock the topic yet ........ plzzzz