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Topic: Can't create boot partition in USB flashdrive
started by: Tikki

Posted by Tikki on Dec. 14 2013,07:30
Hello everybody I'm new here nice to meet you,  I've following instruction form this < topic > in order to create usb boot for hiren 15 and norton ghost 15, I have try so many time to write image to my usb flashdrive I set by following picture below the process is going well untill it complete but in the end usb flashdrive is still emty, any idea ?

Posted by balder on Dec. 14 2013,10:37

Welcome to EasyBoot forum @Tikki :)

To integrate Hiren test solution in post nr;8 < HERE >

To integrate Ghost15 do as follow:

1. Copy ISO-file of Ghost15 (or 'rescue'-ISO-file of Ghost15) to folder EZBOOT

2. Use menu command:  run ghost15.iso  (or whatever name you use to ISO-file)

Tick 'Joliet' when creating ISO in EasyBoot
Note: you cannot use ISO-file of Hiren in the same way as Ghost15 can be used (major difference there)

Finally, when 'Burn' to USB drive, do not tick 'Create Boot Partition' as this 'hides' files and folders from access.
However, the folder EZBOOT can still be accessed by EasyBoot - this means that Ghost15 still can be launched as ISO-file was put into folder EZBOOT :)
Note: as  files related to Hiren must be put to the 'root' and the 'root' is hided when you tick 'Create Boot Partition', Hiren refuse to work correctly :(


Posted by Tikki on Dec. 14 2013,11:10
Hi blader, Thank you very much for your reply. about 'Create boot Partition' I read your post < here > that say

 1) 'USB-HDD+ v2' is recommended for most computers, you may select 'USB-ZIP2+ v2' for old computers
 2) To avoid boot file damage by virus or spam programs, please enable 'create boot partition', which is invisible on Windows      
 3) To get more security to avoid boot partition damage, please enable 'Deep hidden', boot partition will be invisible for partition tools

If it no need to tick 'Create Boot Partition' then how can I avoid the damage? Is their another way ? or maybe it unnecessary?

Posted by balder on Dec. 14 2013,11:37

To clarify...

It is the 'Super Administrators' @xoben that are pointing to this important facts :cool:

Quote: 'or maybe it unnecessary?'
Correct thinking - read below...

In my opinion I say the possibility to be affected by 'boot file damage by virus or spam programs' is very low or even 'super rare' :)

You really must behave very 'slapdash' to get a virus etcetera into your USB - it is for 'normal users' a very rare event :O

I know of no person who caught a virus this way ???

However you can use this 'option' as long as files related to your build is run from inside of folder EZBOOT.
This means that all kinds of 'ISO-files' that are launched directly from the menu of EasyBoot can be 'hided' and still used (launched) 'normally' by EasyBoot

Attention! Files that are needed on the root by some program, cannot be launched correctly when using 'option' to hide files and folders!

From above I'll say; do not get excited by 'virus' discussions, then this is not a 'major problem' for your 'home use' of EasyBoot

Apart from the comic page, I think the risk of viruses in your case, is as great as that 'heaven' would fall on us - a 'risk' we might well ignore :D
Go ahead and avoid ticking option to hide files and folders - don't worry

regards balder

Posted by Tikki on Dec. 14 2013,12:59
Oh, ok I got it. Thank you.