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Topic: Windows 9X Intergration
started by: farzanmicrosoft

Posted by farzanmicrosoft on Oct. 31 2013,14:59
i have iso file of this os and i want intergrate all off them in dvd

how should i do ?

win 3.1
win 95
win nt4 server
win nt 4
win 98 se
win 98
win me

Thax agian MR Balder  :)

Posted by balder on Oct. 31 2013,17:18

Quote: "how should i do ?"

I have to admit that I never owned (or own) any win 3.1 or win nt4 server or any win nt 4-system in my position :(  
So I'm unsure how the structure looks in those systems ???
But maybe you can solve it after I informed you how to solve the other systems :;):

win 95
win 98 se
win 98
win me

Above systems can all be integrated into EasyBoot, but this involves how to use DOS (Disk-Operative-System)
I am not going to learn you how to completely use all DOS-commands and there tricks (in fact, you can do quite much with DOS)
Create new folder with the name win98 in EasyBoot\disk1
Copy everything (cab files, install.exe and so on) from your win98 directory (or from Win98CD or from ISO-file) to EasyBoot\disk1\win98

In my case I still have floppy image named 'dos98.img' inside folder EZBOOT
Open dos98.img (I used UltraIso to open file) and extract file 'autoexec.bat' to somewhere
Chose to edit autoexec.bat (right-click with mouse and chose 'edit')
This text below is what we are interested in:

cd \WIN98

Now modify text 'cd \win98' to the folder name you chose (in this case I don't need to do any changes to text 'WIN98')
You most likely need to change "OEMSETUP.EXE /K "/IE /NF" to only 'install.exe or 'setup.exe' it depends of what 'exe-file' you have in source (in many cases 'install.exe' but no guaranties)
If source is a OEM-source, it might use a 'oemsetup.exe' to launch setup :O

When you are finished with edit autoexec.bat, you insert file back to dos98.img and finally chose to use 'save as' in UltraIso, using name setup98.img - 'save as' to folder EZBOOT
Use menu command:  run setup98.img

It's basically the same procedure with the others OP-system (use different folder names and make changes to autoexec.bat and save floppy image with a new name to folder EZBOOT)

Do the same using different folder names to respectively OP-systems


Posted by farzanmicrosoft on Jan. 10 2014,10:08
I want add windows Server 2k3 , 2k8, 2k12 and xp,7,8,and 8.1 and all other microsoft OS to flash memory
How can  I do this ?

Posted by balder on Jan. 10 2014,12:26

Quote: "I want add windows Server 2k3 , 2k8, 2k12 and xp,7,8,and 8.1 and all other microsoft OS to flash memory"

This is a pretty complicated procedure as you are dealing with several OP-systems that use the same folder-names
And on the top of that - run from a USB flash memory - which makes it extra complicated :O

In theory it might be solved but in practice... Is it worth all work - I don't think so ???

However I'm positive that WinXP and one of the NT6-systems can be integrated to the USB flash memory
Important information! NT-6 family of OP-systems are typically in this case: 2k8,2k12, Win7/8/8.1
These systems use same name to the 'base-folders' (folder 'sources' as example with its 'install.wim-file')
This means we have a gigantic problem how to mix these folders together as we only have one partition to use on the USB flash drive :(
However.... We can use 'filter-drives' to fool your windows system to show all 4 partitions we can create to the USB flash memory
Again however... I do not recommend you to use such 'filter-drives' - can create 'unwanted' problems....

So we are basically stuck to use one partition if using USB flash memory

However if using an USB harddrive we can accomplish more sophisticated solution
Please, notice we must use MBR-code with maximum 4 partitions, which on the other hand limits you to only have 4 different NT6-system in your build (one NT6-system to each partition)
How this can be done is described < HERE >

Anyway... You can have ONE NT6-system on USB flash memory.
To solve setup of let's say Win7 do as follows: copy files and folders from your Win7 source to folder disk1 in EasyBoot.
Use menu command:  run \bootmgr

I suggest you skip 2k3 as I dont think it can be implemented to run setup of such system from USB drive at all
Finally the WinXP case...

It's a huge difference to run setup of WinXP from USB drive comparing to CD +DVD
But there are solutions to this as well - read information < HERE > and < HERE >

Note: You are recommended to start with WinXP

So the conclusion is that this is not any easy task and sadly only can be partially solved

Attention! You cannot run EasyBoot from UEFI or GPT-partitions - only MBR in combination with 'BIOS-boot'

Hmm... Not my very best explanation - but hopefully I sealed out some question marks

regards balder

Posted by farzanmicrosoft on Jan. 10 2014,14:20
hi and thx
i will read this instruction and will come bake again
thanks very much