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Topic: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS won't load
started by: mizotac

Posted by mizotac on Jun. 02 2014,10:21
Hello all,

I am trying to add Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64 bootable iso to my EasyBoot project.
I used the latest instructions from balder < here >, tested on Oracle VB and real usb boot, with no luck  :(

Any help would be appreciated. also the same error applies when adding Eset SysRescue Live iso.

It seems that me and linux distro are not going along well  ???

Thank you ..

Posted by balder on Jun. 02 2014,16:05

Welcome to EasyBoot @mizotac :)

Quote: "I am trying to add Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64 bootable iso to my EasyBoot project"

I downloaded xubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386.iso (note: xubuntu14.iso I hope this is what you are asking for)
I didn't use 64-bit ISO
Download < HERE >

This was not any easy task to solve and further more, final solution was not any 'masterpiece' if I may say :p

Anyway this is what I did:

1. Extracted all folders from ubuntu14 ISO-file to folder 'disk1' in EasyBoot

2. Put files 'menu.c32', ' README.diskdefines', 'syslinux.cfg', 'ubninit' and finally file 'ubnkern' to folder 'disk1' - download zip-file < HERE > with these files

3. Use menu command in EasyBoot: isolinux /syslinux.cfg  Attention! Make sure you use '/' and not '\' -

4. Attention! Copy file 'syslinux' and file 'isolinux' from folder EasyBoot\resource to folder EZBOOT overwriting existing files in folder EZBOOT (this is a needed update :O )

5. Created ISO in EasyBoot with 'Joliet' ticked

I burned to USB flash drive to test and I got the Ubuntu menu up and chose 'Try Ubuntu without Installing'
This works fine but we must have have files and folders in folder 'disk1' which wasn't my initial intension ???  - but I was forced to solve it this way :O


Quote: "Eset SysRescue Live iso"

I didn't discuss this part as this shouldn't be any problem whatsoever.
A 'real' Eset.iso cannot fail (or at least close to not fail) when run directly from ISO
I'm talking about later (or latest) version which is built from any source of NT6-system (NT6 is Vista\Win7\Win8, server-2008 etcetera)
Such ISO is close to bulletproof in its behaviour

Simply copy ISO to folder EZBOOT and use menu command:  run eset.iso  (or whatever name you use to ISO-file
But you need at least 1 GB RAM to run such ISO - keep that in mind

Posted by mizotac on Jun. 02 2014,19:04
Dear balder,

wow, this fast and elaborate solution earns a gratitude. I will try it and keep u in the loop for sure.
I'm just sneaking from my work pc to check for possible replies ;)

Posted by mizotac on Jun. 03 2014,19:29
dear balder,

thank you! it is working smooth .. even for eset sysrescue, it was a direct hit like you said ..

the only point is i was aiming for ubuntu not xubuntu -they are two different distros  :cool:

the link for ubuntu desktop 32-bit is < here >

hope it will be a more direct solution this time ..

my regards ..

Posted by balder on Jun. 04 2014,03:13

Welcome to EasyBoot @mizotac

Quote: "is i was aiming for ubuntu not xubuntu -they are two different distros"
I downloaded ISO from given link (thanks for correct download link :;): )

This is what I did :cool:

1. I downloaded my premade 'kicker-image' (ubuntu14.img) from < HERE > and put floppy image in folder EZBOOT

2. I put downloaded ISO in folder 'disk1' (folder disk1 is the root in EasyBoot if you wonder)

3. I renamed Ubuntu ISO-file to exactly UBUNTU14.ISO  (you must use CAPS=BIG LETTERS)

4. Used menu command:  run ubuntu14.img

5. Ticked 'Joliet' when creating ISO in EasyBoot

6. Tested 'Burn' to USB flash drive

Worked excellent :)

Note: Funny part is that with Ubuntu finally up and run I noticed option to install Xubuntu to harddisk :O  - but shouldn't this download be a 'plain' Ubuntu and not Xubuntu (a little bit confusing if I may say ??? )

regards balder

Posted by mizotac on Jun. 04 2014,10:59
I'm really grateful for your help, balder.
Now my compilation contains;
Win7 x64 syspreped, fully loaded with Office 2010
Active BootDisk 8.2
Eset Sysrescue Live
Ubuntu 14.04 Live

I'm working now on graphical interface for Easyboot menu, will share it once done  :;):

regarding ubuntu vs xubuntu, the first comes with canonical interface, pre-loaded with LibreOffice, and can run live with persistence also -means to save changes to live session on ur usb; working on it-

Again thank you ..