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Topic: ADD PC PCUnlocker Entr & Disk Manager to Multiboot
started by: nilldeep

Posted by nilldeep on Jul. 09 2014,20:00
hi.. I have made a multiboot dvd with win7 and xp3 and ghost 10 :D ,
but i am unable to add
1. PCUnlocker Enterprise 5.3 iso
2. Disk manager iso
3. Partition magic iso
To my multiboot disk  :(  Can any one with this please replay ... thanks... ???

Posted by balder on Jul. 10 2014,05:31

Welcome to EasyBoot @nilldeep :)

Quote: "i am unable to add..."

I'm facing some problems here ???
Attention! I don't know what ' Disk manager iso' is - I found at least 20 different software that used the same name - please pin-point me to a download for this iso...

But I did find 'pmagic_2013_08_01.iso' (I'm pretty sure later versions use the same approach but with some updates etcetera)

Test with 'frugal solution' to the pmagic.iso :cool:

1. Open pmagic.iso (I used UltraIso to the whole operation) and extract (F4 in UltraIso or use 'drag-and-drop' method) the whole folder 'pmagic' to folder 'disk1'
Note: folder 'disk1' in EasyBoot is the 'root-folder' if you wonder

2. Keep ISO-file opened in UltraIso and open folder 'pmagic' in ISO-file followed by open folder 'pmodules' and finally delete file 'PMAGIC_2013_08_01.SQFS' Note: we don't need this file inside ISO-file anymore as we in step-1 extracted the whole folder 'pmagic' to the root in EasyBoot.

3. Still having ISO-file opened in UltraIso you chose 'File' and 'Save As' - and save reduced ISO-file to folder EZBOOT in EasyBoot with the name pmagic.iso  (or whatever name you prefer). You can now close UltraIso

4. In EasyBoot you create new menu entry and use menu command:  run pmagic.iso  (or whatever name you use to ISO-file)

5. Tick 'Joliet' when creating ISO in EasyBoot

Note: I'm pretty sure this works fine from USB drive as well.

I do have problems to find those two other ISO-file and further more.... ITS HOLIDAY TIME - HURRAY :laugh:  

I can only give sporadically support in this forum for at least 3 weeks ahead (he, he... my wife refuse to give me full access to my computer during this time :p )

But I do have two days left to find those two other ISO-files. I'll see what I can do about this issue

Found 'PasswordUnlocker.iso'

Do it this way:

1. Open installed folder 'Windows Password Unlocker Professional' and copy 'PasswordUnlocker.iso' to folder EZBOOT

2. Use menu command:  run PasswordUnlocker.iso  (or whatever name you prefer to use to ISO-file)

Note: this solution also works from USB drive