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How do I MultiBoot with multiple Isolinux distro ???

if you are interesting to make multiboot-dvd with more than one ISOLINUX-based linux-distributions (for example Fedora Core 5 and Gentoo 2006.0) you can do it like the following description:

1) First you have to extract all the files of the cd/dvd-iso to harddisk
2) Rename the folder ISOLINUX to another name with 8 characters, like ILFCORE5.
3) Open the file ISOLINUX.BIN with a hex-editor
4) Search for ISOLINUX (second hit) and rename it to the new folder-name ILFCORE5
5) Master the image new with command "mkisofs -pad -l -r -J -v -V "FC/5 i386" -b ilfcore5/isolinux.bin -c ilfcore5/ -hide-rr-moved -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -o c:\fedora.iso ."
6) Extract the new image to harddisk and copy all the files to folder easyboot/disk1
7) Extract the bif-File with Ultraiso to fc5.bif
8) In Easyboot make new entry for Fedora Core with command "bootinfotable;run fc5.bif"
9) Repeat these steps with Gentoo, rename folder ISOLINUX to ILGENTOO, patch the ISOLINUX.BIN and master the new image. Copy files, extract bif-file and make new entry.

That's all. If you have some live-cd with one file KNOPPIX, rename it and change reference in ISOLINUX.CFG. One this way I make multiboot-dvd for german magazine Linux Professionell with Red Hat Fedora Core 5, OpenWall 2.0 (OWL), IPCop 1.4.10, Asterisk@Home 2.8, StartCom Enterprise Linux 4-AS-4.0.1, Damn Small Linux (DSL) 2.3 and Gentoo 2006.0 Live-CD.

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WinXP and Server 2003 64-Bits editions

How do I MultiBoot with 64-Bits Systems ???

You will need a hex editor program to do so...
1- open the SETUPLDR.BIN file with your hex editor
2- Go to the hex address 0x2060
3- replace value 74 03 with EB 1A
4- Save the file

Now you can edit the SETUPLDR.BIN file with EasyBoot (using the Replace Text... feature under the Tools button) and replace
5 occurence of i386 and 2 occurence of I386

that's it

You can download a modified SETUPLDR.BIN file from here:
< >
This way, you won't need a Hex editor

The credit goes to geitonaki on the MSFN forum

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Dealing with ISO files:

How do I boot ISO files directly ???

Use the techniques described here:
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Dealing with Floppy Images:

How do I run DOS-based tool with EasyBoot ???

Using EasyBoot:
  1) Make a DOS bootable floppy with the tools on it, test it on your PC
  2) Create floppy image (named xxx.img)by clicking 'Tools' in 'File' page
  3) Use command 'run xxx.img' in menu item

And a sample image for PQMagic:
< >

Tips for creating a large image from 1.44MB image(s):
1) EasyBoot
  - Start EasyBoot, click 'Tools' and select 'Create New Floppy image' from popup menu
  - On the dialogue, specify the 1.44MB image as seed, choose desired image size (for example, 8640) as 'image size(kb)' and output filename as wanted, then click 'Create'
2) UltraISO
  - Start UltraISO, open the 1.44MB image and press F4 to extract all files and folders to a temp folder
  - Open the newly created 8.64MB image by UltraISO, add all files from the temp folder to it and save

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How do I Join Multiple Floppy in a single file ???

In Easyboot:
1) 'Tools'->'Make Floppy image' - get disk1.img from the first floppy disk
2) 'Tools'->'Create New Floppy image' - use disk1.img as seed, specify destination image size as 2.88MB, 5.76MB,... and output to disk.img
3) Open disk.img by UltraISO or WinImage, add files and folders from all your floppy disks to this image
4) Use 'run disk.img' to load

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EasyBoot Features:

What is the "Use Image Text" checkbox?

You can use this function to change the color of menu elements integrated into your background image such as text, icons, etc.

1) The first thing to do is to create your layout in a third-party image processing program (such as PhotoShop, ACDSee), in any font and size, but using SINGLE color value for text string
2) In EasyBoot, Create a menu item and check 'Use Image Text' option, select the proper fore/back color pairs for Normal status and Highlight status
3) EasyBoot will re-map color pairs between Normal and Highlight according to mouse movement

PS: You may need to use 'Options'->'Configuration' to define the exactly color value for this menu item, so it can match the background image properly

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Ghost 10:

How do I add Ghost to my MultiBoot CD?

1) - Copy folder I386 from ghost boot CD, or from ghost ISO file (you already have it if you purchased Ghost 10 with download only) with UltraISO, selecting only it in the upper right panel and pressing F4, to c:\easyboot\disk1
2) - Copy ident files (WIN51, WIN51IA and WIN51IA.SP1) from root of ghost-CD (or from inside of ISO-file selecting all them and pressing F4) to c:\easyboot\disk1
3) - Use 'run w2ksect.bin' as command to load it.

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