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Topic: Ghost Solutions Suite 1.1
started by: gamesnaker

Posted by gamesnaker on Apr. 24 2006,21:52
I m the iso bootable of CD Ghost 8.3 this contain this files :


I don't extract this files but i do this topics

<;f=1;t=1219 >

but i after boot for lunch iso i m a message bcdw don't find this files \bcdw\mycd.iso error ...5505 ...

why this error apear ????

i really the topics on the forum but not run i don't understund
and i m not realy understend BCDW and CDSHELL
do you help me !!!
structure of my easyboot is :





i don't boot with image disk but CD iso it very intersing for me because restore an ghost not build with cd-writter in ghot but i m burn this image after split and impossible to open in ghost standar disk

sorry for my english but i m french

help me please !!!!

Posted by xoben on Apr. 24 2006,23:38
1) Re-install latest EasyBoot V5.0.9.553
2) Put your Ghost boot ISO in c:\easyboot\disk1\ezboot folder
3) Use 'bcdw /ezboot/xxx.iso' to load it

PS: No need to download any extra files, because 'bcdw' is a build-in feature now.

Posted by gamesnaker on Apr. 24 2006,23:57
i think you but where put 'bcdw /ezboot/xxx.iso' to load it

I do edit bcdw.ini or execute run command in easyboot menu ? where and what put this bcdw /ezboot/xxx.iso ?

Posted by xoben on Apr. 25 2006,01:58
See attached picture.
Posted by gamesnaker on Apr. 25 2006,04:43
think you i m testing that and you speak come
Posted by gamesnaker on Apr. 25 2006,06:07
it s to nice but now i m this message on boot:

error unexpected exiting
presse a key to continu boot HDD or ESC for reboot

====my folder modifid==============





other i m test with another method but i m not verry nice

1 ) i m extrat iso files (OSBOOT.IMG - BOOTCAT.BIN) of my CD ghost with ultraISO and extract the sector amorce .bif
2 ) open .bif with ultraISO
3) i m put this files at step 1 and 2 in the new disk files format with Winimage (
4)  save to .img
5) write command menu in ultraISO to load "run mycd.img"
6) but on boot it s print step by step just on the moment i m the message fallow your system not valid or something

what do you think that ?

Posted by xoben on Apr. 25 2006,23:30
It is confirmed that 'bcdw' cannot load bootable ISO created by Ghost Solutions Suite 1.1.

Recommanded method:
1) Open the bootable ISO by UltraISO, choose 'Bootable'->'Save boot file' to get a ghostcd.bif, save it in c:\easyboot\disk1\ezboot .
2) Download the < attached zip file >, extract files (isolinux and memdisk) to c:\easyboot\disk1\ezboot by WinZip
3) Use 'bcdw /ezboot/isolinix memdisk initrd=ghostcd.bif' to load it

Posted by gamesnaker on Apr. 26 2006,03:36
think you very much whit this method the CD boot normal
very fun this is the  solution it s with isolinux + memdisk that confirm other method no run .....

:d :d :d

Posted by xoben on Apr. 27 2006,20:17
You can also do it this way with UltraISO+EasyBoot:
1) Open the bootable ISO by UltraISO, choose 'Bootable'->'Save boot file' to get a ghostcd.bif.
2) Start EasyBoot, click 'Tools' and select 'Create New Floppy image' from popup menu. On the dialogue, specify ghostcd.bif as seed, choose '8640' as 'image size(kb)' and output filename as c:\easyboot\disk1\ezboot\ghostcd.img, then click 'Create'
3) Open ghostcd.bif by UltraISO, extract all files and folders to a temp folder; then open the newly created 8.64MB image (ghostcd.img) by UltraISO, add all files from the temp folder to it and save
4) use 'run ghostcd.img' to load

Posted by blue_sky999 on Sep. 19 2008,10:09

Hello ,
I make the back and front background with choices, I want to make as follow :
1- boot From Hard
2-boot from cd
3-Setup windows xp
4-Disk manager
5-Ghost V11
6-Restart Computer

Can anyone help me to do that menu with these options ,how to make the cd boot .

I wish some one help me
Waiting the replay and answers
Thanks for all