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Topic: problem with password protection
started by: windoof

Posted by windoof on Apr. 14 2004,08:03

i type my password in the box and press "P" (i know its for Main-Menu)

easyboot dont protect my CD

it runs straight on to the Main Menu.

i need heeeeeeelllllllpppppp


Posted by xoben on Apr. 16 2004,10:30
Please do it this way, step by step:
1) Open the main menu file, type your password and click "P" button
2) Save the menu file
3) Generate an ISO image and burn
Posted by EvilBetty on Apr. 22 2004,17:23
I too am having this problem with the lastest version.

I followed your recommended method and it still does not prompt for the password.
Posted by EvilBetty on Apr. 23 2004,10:41
This was not happening on the prior version.  But I have made 9 coasters now...  I can't get this feature to work.  I have a distribution I need to get mailed Monday.  Can someone help?
Posted by xoben on Apr. 24 2004,10:43
I just download and test lastest EasyBoot V4.56, this feature works with no problem.

PS: "P" button is for main menu; password for sub-menu should be setted at 'Menu' page.
Posted by EvilBetty on Apr. 26 2004,14:11
Yes, I understand...

Well #### I guess I will make another coaster attempt.
Posted by binh25 on Sep. 05 2004,19:05
There is no need to make coaster and save lot of time...get VMWARE or VirtualPC and test your ISO before burning. I use VMWARE.