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Topic: avst!bartcd and erd commander
started by: kraker

Posted by kraker on Feb. 13 2005,20:55
i have a problem i want to boot avast bart cd and erd commander. i extract files from erd commander with ultraiso in disk1 folder . when i tried to do the same thing with avast bartcd comes the problem : avast bart cd and erd commander have almost the same i386 folder so they replace each other. how can i manage to boot both of them because because they have the same i386 i cannot put both of them in the same directory because they replace each other?how can i resolve these problem. sorry about my english
Posted by xoben on Feb. 13 2005,22:24
Some files should be hacked to avoid multi-i386 folders. Please refer to <;f=1;t=160 > .