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Topic: Same folders (with files) in diff boot cds...
started by: agorts

Posted by agorts on Jun. 03 2005,04:51

I have 2 different boot cds (one cd and one dvd)...

In DVD I want to add a few giga files...

Do I have to copy (clone) the contents of the CD to another location and add there the extra files for the DVD?

Do I have any other solution?

It is not very "wise" to fill my disk with such a way... OK this is a cd (only 700MB), what about if had to replicate a dvd???

Is there any way to tell to EasyBoot to include the contents of one or more folders in a specific place in the cd folder structure?

Thank you
Posted by xoben on Jun. 13 2005,19:22
Please refer to a previous topic at <;f=1;t=402 > .