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Topic: Floppy image won't launch on laptop
started by: tim.harding

Posted by tim.harding on Jun. 29 2005,09:29
Let me first explain what I'm trying to do before I explain the problem I'm having.

My company uses Norton Ghost to load images on all of our workstations and laptops from the network.  To do this we have to create boot floppies for each different NIC that we may come across.  To minimize the floppies we have to carry, I used EasyBoot to create a menu that will in turn launch the .img's of the various bootable floppies.  I tested the CD on various workstations and had no problems.

I tried using the bootable CD on a laptop yesterday, the first time I tried it on a laptop, and it loads up the menu, but when I try to launch a .img from the menu it goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor and won't do anything else.

First I thought I didn't have the correct DOS drivers for the DVD/CD-RW drive in the laptop.  I made a new bootable floppy that incorporated various dos drivers, thinking that one was bound to work.  I created an .img of the floppy in EasyBoot, recreated the iso file, and burnt the CD.  I took the CD and the bootable floppy over to the laptop, and the bootable CD still led to the blinking cursor on a black screen.  The bootable floppy worked just fine, however.  

I realized by doing that that the problem has nothing to do with dos drivers, as it doesn't even get that far in the boot process.  The bootable floppy says "Starting PC-DOS..." before loading any of the drivers; the bootable CD doesn't even get that far.

I'm at a complete loss as to what could cause this, any insight would be most appreciated.

Posted by xoben on Jun. 29 2005,09:40
Please try to load the .IMG file by cdshell ( <;f=1;t=217 > ), and see if it works or not.
Posted by tim.harding on Jul. 01 2005,09:37
That worked like a charm!  Thanks for the super-quick help.
Posted by tim.harding on Jul. 01 2005,09:40
One more thing...your link points to a different post now and I can't remember how to use cdshell with multiple floppy images.
Posted by xoben on Jul. 01 2005,10:10
Sorry, it is <;f=1;t=349 >.