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Topic: Problem with Ntldr
started by: pawelek

Posted by pawelek on Apr. 01 2015,13:12
I have problem when testing usb bootable

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Posted by balder on Apr. 01 2015,13:51

Quote" I have problem when testing usb bootable”

I’m unsure what you are trying to do
Is it run setup of WinXP from USB?

If this is the case, what method did you use to copy WinXP-files properly to the USB drive?
Did you use folder i386 as it is in Easyboot and then just ‘Burn’ to USB drive?

Or is it something else you are doing here ???
Note. I’m not at my home residence and won’t be home until 4 days ahead, and can only do some minor (simple) things to this computer :cool:


Posted by pawelek on Apr. 01 2015,14:01
This project working from dvd ok :) but not from usb

I have 3 versions of xp

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Posted by balder on Apr. 01 2015,14:35

Quote” This project working from dvd ok  but not from usb”

Just as I suspected :O

It was never intended to run setup of WinXP from USB drive – it’s a pure CD\DVD-solution and cannot be used from USB – if you not modify source of setup!

You asked about this < HERE >

Follow section B < HERE >

Note: you can try to skip my 'kicker-images' and go straight to Easyboot menu and test using run command like this:  run /$WIN_NT$.~BT/SETUPLDR.BIN

I also quote from post nr;15

“The WinXP setup section

Section B.
1. Download 'WinSetupFromUSB_0-2-3.exe' (if not already done so) from < HERE > and install it to the root (C:)

2. You must have a folder 'winxp' that have all files and folders from your edited winxp - this is the 'source' you browse and point to in program ' WinSetupFromUSB'.

3. Unplug the USB hard drive and plug in an clean USB stick (formatted to FAT32).
Run 'WinSetupFromUSB'
It take a while to create setup files on the USB stick (and skip the call from program to use NTFS and keep FAT32 as it is).

4. If all went well you now have folder ' $WIN_NT$.~BT' and folder ' $WIN_NT$.~LS' and a bunch of other files and perhaps some folder you have in build as well.

5. Plug in your USB hard drive and copy all files and folders from USB stick to the first partition on your USB hard drive (the FAT32-partition) - this can take some time...

6. You can use my script to test if WinXP setup is launched correctly from Easyboot menu”

Attention! There is NO way you can solve this in another way – please follow tutorial

Remember that you must use original name to folder i386
Read in post nr,21 < HERE >

You must rework you different WinXP and use original folder name ‘i386’

There is no other way to solve this issue of yours :O

Note: you can try to skip my 'kicker-images' and go straight to Easyboot menu and test using run command like this:  run /$WIN_NT$.~BT/SETUPLDR.BIN

And second WinXP use this menu command:  run /$WIN_00$.~BT/SETUPLDR.BIN

Some additional information…

You of course are not bound to use a USB hard disk - you can use any in size suitable USB stick.

Easiest way is this:

Create\design your EasyBootmenu system (including ‘run /$WIN_NT$.~BT/SETUPLDR.BIN’)

When done ‘Burn’to USB stick including other stuff (utilities ISO’s or whatever)
Test that USB stick boot properly including other ISO’s and programs you are interested to have on USB stick.

Then run ‘WinsetUpFromUSB’ and do this to all 3 WinXP versions

In case you later want (or need) to modify EasyBoot menu, then you do this in EasyBoot by simply double-click to ‘main menu’ (what-ever-name you use to ‘main menu’) in folder EZBOOT on USB stick.
Now modify menu and push ‘Save’.
This way you don’t need to ‘Burn’ to USB drive each time you adjust menu in EasyBoot - you adjust menu directly that are used inside folder EZBOOT on USB drive

But have in mind that next time you launch EasyBoot.exe it will try to find the last opened ***.ezb-file which in you case was on USB stick.
If USB drive is unplugged, EasyBoot tries to open last used ***.ezb-file - which most likely is some ***.ezb-file on your harddisk C: (typically EasyBoot\disk1\ezboot\***.ezb or something).
Or you might even (in some rare occasions) only get a black window as EasyBoot cannot find any ***.ezb-file or any background

If so, instead open folder EasyBoot\disk1\EZBOOT\ and double-click to ‘main menu’ inside there.
Now you are back in business :;):