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Topic: some commands are not existing in EASY BOOT
started by: future1995man

Posted by future1995man on Jul. 21 2015,09:32

Command Quit of easyboot menu is not existing.
Command for PC Reboot  is not existing.

Posted by balder on Jul. 21 2015,09:50

Quote: "Command Quit of easyboot menu is not existing"

Please test using 'Shutdown' to shut down computer
In EasyBoot menu you simply write in;  shutdown  as menu command

And for the 'reboot' I personally use in menu;  reboot
Reboot is working fine for me :)

Hmmm... What version of EasyBoot have you currently installed (I run v_6.5.5.739) ???


Did some tests and you are partly right :p

Menu command 'shutdown' is not optimal to newer motherboard
And 'quit' is not useful at all :(

But menu command 'reboot' seems to working alright to newer motherboards as well

I'll see what I can come up with to solve this issues

Give me a couple of ours to see if I can solve this in some way... :;):


Seems especially menu command 'Shutdown' is badly working to newest motherboards that have 'hybrid' boot option.
I'm referring to motherboards with hybrid UEFI\BIOS option with option to boot using UEFI approach with possibility to use GPT-formatted hard disk (not supported in EasyBoot)
And of course also the 'old standard' BIOS with MBR coded hard disk that usually have NTFS or FAT32 as file system which we use here!

Motherboards older then lets say 4 year or so, is not in 'normal case' affected as there is no UEFI option to such motherboards.
To such motherboards the 'shutdown' and the 'reboot' menu commands should work just fine.

To solve this issue I decided to create two different grub-kicker images. One 'shutdown.img' and one 'reboot.img' image

How to use them? Do it this way:

1. Download 'shutdown.img' from < HERE > and put image into folder EZBOOT

2. Use menu command;  run shutdown.img   This shut down computer wherever EasyBoot is run

3. Download 'reboot.img' from < HERE > and practice the same solution as above (run reboot.img)

I also have integrated this kicker-images to my script set (you find images in folder 'balder/ USB_Resources'

A small add-in... In tab Misc you have 'Func Key' and usually we have at least two keyboard letters already in place. One command for letter 'q' (quit) and one command for letter 'r' (reboot)
However this seems - as told above - not to work 100% with UEFI\BIOS- hybrid motherboards
I therefore suggest you change 'Command' to these letters im 'Misc'
Change command for 'q' to: run shutdown.img  
and for 'r' to; run reboot.img

Of course you need images reboot.img and shutdown.img in folder EZBOOT to make this work alright

regards balder