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Topic: BACKTRACK 4r2.iso 1.89gb
started by: blackwater101726

Posted by blackwater101726 on Jan. 01 2018,21:38
After making a bootable ezboot DVD back in 2011, seems like the DVD Boots thru ezboot but cuts off at backtrack 4r2. filesystem.squashfs errors

This may not have anything to do with "ezboot itself" but may have overflow time errors?! Linux x32bit has a count code that runs out on x32bits.. Perhaps no matter what I do, nothing seems to work

I have booted several dvds to A Desktop, Portable Laptop... Even the PC emulator on my phone.. Always comes back with SquashFS Errors

Posted by balder on Jan. 02 2018,03:33

Hi again blackwater101726

Happy New Year's (and yes I did get the message :;): )

As far as I know the ’backtrack’ project started something like year 2006 (or whatever…) and was designed using ‘basic Linux’ – however - from 2013 backtrack is using ‘Kali Linux’ core and this seems to create some problems :(

Further more… Backtrack is a kind of ‘security’ and ‘hacking tool’ as well, and very impressing (I can understand you want this ‘tool’ in your arsenal).
Unfortunately its also looks to be the ‘Nemesis' of EasyBoot :angry:

Note: I downloaded ‘kali-linux-light-2018-W01-i386.iso’  
from < HERE >
Please note that I tested solution using the ‘i386’-version (32-bit), as this can be tested from the good old Microsoft ‘virtual PC’ (and yes, I’m still using that software :D )

Regarding launching the ‘light’-version (hopefully) this is working similar as the full version of backtrack (Kali-Linux)
I have no clue what version you used, but please test solution presented below to your version (hopefully it is similar constructed internally, as the light version of kali-linux)

This is what I did:

1. Open (mount) ISO-file (I used UltraIso)

2. Extract folder ‘live’ from ISO to folder disk1 in EasyBoot (as you already are familiar, disk1 is the’root’ in EasyBoot)

3. Still using UltraIso I opened folder ‘live’ to ISO-file and deleted file ‘filesystem.squashfs’ (we don’t need this huge file in ISO as we in step 2 extracted folder ‘live’ to EasyBoot).

4. I then used ‘Save As’ in UltraIso and saved ISO to folder EZBOOT in EasyBoot (ISO-file is now heavily reduced in size as file ‘filesystem.squashfs’ has been removed from ISO-file)

5. I saved ISO using name backtrack4r2.iso

6. Finally I set ‘run backtrack4r2.iso’ as menu command and created ISO as usually in EasyBoot.

It fired up without hesitation, and I could launch ‘Live Session’ from the menu of ‘kali-linux’.

I also tested to burn to USB stick, and it worked excellent – nice tool this backtrack (Kali-Linux) or what ever name we prefer to use to it

Note: you cannot use ISO file as it is, you must extract folder ‘live’ to the root of EasyBoot.

Please test and if not working, give me download location of the ISO you use (I do not use torrent download, must be an ‘direct download’ of ISO-file in my case)

Edit: Additional information…
It’s possible you also need to extract several other folders to EasyBoot\disk1 – typically folders; ‘pool’ and ‘tools’ as example.
It is a question of ‘test and try’ and see what happens…

Regards balder

Posted by blackwater101726 on Jan. 04 2018,02:42
I'm gonna work on this, yes BACKTRACK started in 2006 with the very 1st edition with flaws. Wanted to strip all the tools out of it... edition backtrack 4r2 tools only because backtrack 5 and Kali dont have them tools plus on within and googlecode, there's no way to download and Google servers don't allow searches like this.

Just curious about the 4r2 edition. None will load on anything... pc.laptop, etc

Well, Kali I don't like because SET don't work worth a.... more over it's best to steal the tools from several dvds and make ur own customized disc. &#129315;&#129315;

In the age we are living, we are forced into silence and the internet is going into secrecy. Just saying even Google won't help or even give you any ideas and blocking a lot of content online.Use Duckduckgo. &#128526;