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Topic: Boot Helix
started by: kdupes

Posted by kdupes on Jun. 27 2006,17:14

I followed the general steps to making a multi-boot DVD. I've got two bootable CD's that I want to make one, a dos utilitis disk and Helix. The dos cd works fine, I copied the contents to c:\Eazyboot\disk1\ and made a .bif file in c:\Eazyboot\disk1\ezboot\. I did the same thing with the Helix CD, and it tries to load GRUB, but I get "Error 15"

I used "bootinfortable;run helix.bif" as the menu command. The don't think the ISO is in Joliet format because I am using the trial version and the option is greyed out. I am also using UltraISO and the Joiliet is not checked under "Properties" of the ISO that EB makes (once again, I can't change it from here because it's an evaluation version).  Could this be my only problem, or is there something else?

Posted by xoben on Jun. 27 2006,20:50
Joliet or RockRidge volume is required for linux-based systems like Helix.