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Topic: Easyboot useless with DOS based tools
started by: AlexMIB

Posted by AlexMIB on Feb. 04 2006,09:27
I use Easyboot to make my own CD utilities since 2003. I'm very pleased with this nice tools but I find that Easyboot becomes more and more useless with DOS based tools (such as Win98 floppy image, HD Diagnostic, Partition Magic, ...).
Easyboot is always fine for Windows 2K/XP/Memtest multiboot CD.

The problem is:
More and more PC haven't floppy drive (easy to understand since USB memory stick are better), and I donít forget notebooks
When you boot a DOS based tools with Easyboot CD, you get this nice message : Disk I/O error, Replace the disk and press any key.

Of course it depends of the BIOS, on some PC itís OK, on some other PC even with floppy set to 1.44 in BIOS, it crashes. On notebooks, you often havenít this parameter in BIOS (when you have a BIOS interface).
If you take a simple bootable CD made with Nero for example with a Win98 floppy image, it works nicely.

I also try CDShell but I have same trouble.

I have another bug (perhaps with version 5.0.7) but it depends again of the BIOS. Some PC with PATA+SATA (intel based motherboard). The OAKCDROM.SYS dos driver doesnít find any CD. I must set BIOS to compatible mode (PATA only or PATA+SATA if there is a SATA drive) instead of native. I donít remember to have this bug with 5.0.6.

If anyone has solutions, please post otherwise I will give up Easyboot

Posted by SPTR on Nov. 16 2006,23:00
Hello, I have the same problem as you.
Posted by mionica on Nov. 19 2006,02:43

You may want to try using BCDW/ISOLINUX/MEMDISK instead of "run" to launch floppy images.

It's fairly simple, and it allows you to remove the disk one you booted (useful for GHOSTing directly to DVD-R). Just use
bcdw /ezboot/isolinux.bin /ezboot/memdisk [memdisk params] /ezboot/<[i]image name[i]>.ima
instead of
run <[i]image name[i]>.ima.

I don't know about EB5.07, but EB5.1.0.565 certainly supports this combination, and it never failed me on a floppyless PC yet (my XP setup disks come with Ghost 8.3-corp, PMagic 8.05, latest BootCorrector and UFSD 5.02+DN2/OSP - all .ima's; I added Gujin 1.5 recently too).

Side benefit. bcdw/isolinux/memdisk can boot compressed .ima's (gzip-compressed, as in gzip < ghost.ima > ghost.igz and then using bcdw isolinux.bin ghost.igz