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Topic: KNOPIX Live CD 5.0.1 No RUN?
started by: alian

Posted by alian on Nov. 26 2006,03:02
Hello everyone,
You ask helps for me!
"KNOPPIX Live CD 5.01" always comes for fault. of this my multi-boot DVD.
At Knoppix loader report:
"isolinux 3.11 2005-09-02".
only one then comes federation color for sign been different

- Knoppix boot with command: "bootinfotable; run knoppix.bin"
-"Knoppix Live-CD 5.0.1" with UltraISO extract in Root MultibootDVD.
Thank Very Much

Posted by xoben on Nov. 27 2006,08:15
Please make sure that RockRidge or Joliet volume is included for  bootable CD/DVD's with KNOPPIX.