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started by: put3rg33k

Posted by put3rg33k on Dec. 21 2007,19:57
I have some utilities I am trying to integrate into a bootcd.  Some of these have the same filenames so when I extract the contents of the .iso files I'm prompted with an overwrite message.  Of course overwriting the files renders the program useless that was overwritten.

What is the workaround to this?

Posted by billonious on Dec. 22 2007,04:56
rename files & folders and the edit some files. In the case of windows-based live  systems (bartpe, livexp, erd ), rename i386 & hexedit bootsector, setupldr.bin, txtsetup.sif. In the case of isolinux & knoppix (livecd) based systems, look < here >. In the case of more than one xp installations, just search the forum