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Topic: Problems with DVD-sized ISOs and version 8
started by: RDPetruska

Posted by RDPetruska on Apr. 26 2006,09:25
Ever since upgrading to version 8 (and even just tried the April 23rd update 2 release), Whenever I try to open a DVD-sized ISO image (which I created using version 7.6) I get an access violation error.
"Access violation at address 005B7FFA in module 'UltraISO.exe'.  Read of address 00000000."  O/S is Windows XP SP2.

Posted by xoben on Apr. 27 2006,10:14
Hello RDPetruska, please cut the first 1MB of the problem ISO by a small utility at < > , and send it to for detailed checking. Thank you.
Posted by Lostgallifreyan on May 20 2006,09:13
Another (different) question about DVD sized ISO's..

Windows 98 can't handle files > 4GB. This may be true even if you mount a 10 GB NTFS slice dedicated to ISO cacheing. So, is there a way to span a large ISO in 2GB chunks?

I think spanning the ISO is the easiest way to solve the problem, as well as allowing people to contnue bulding an ISO if the process runs out of space..

As a further question, does anyone here know if there is a way to handle split or spanned ISO's for other tools, so they see it as one file? I ask because the freeware Goldenhawk DOS tools are excellent for burning ISO's and I'd like to pass a spanned set of files to such tools as if they were one complete ISO file.

I'm about to test piping but I don't think that will answer the case.