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Topic: TrueImage 9.1.3602 BIF read failure
started by: ptr727

Posted by ptr727 on May 17 2006,13:40
I have previously created a bootable CD with Ghost, TrueImage Home 9.0, and DiskDirector 10 using 3 BIF files and EasyBoot. Now that TI 9.1 supports all the Acronis tools on one bootable CD I want to update my CD to use the new BIF file.

Using the Acronis bootable media builder I created a bootable CD containing TrueImage Workstation 9.1.3602, Disk Director Suite 10.0.2117, and TrueImage Universal Restore all on one bootable CD.

Using UltraISO I extracted the BIF file, and the BIF file is about 100MB in size.

But, both UltraISO and WinImage fail to open this BIF file.

- Is this a known problem?


Posted by xoben on May 20 2006,22:35
This BIF is not a plain disk image, so no program can open it directly.
Posted by ptr727 on May 22 2006,14:36
I assume this is only true for TI 9.1 since UltraISO could open BIF files from TI 9.0 and DD 10?