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started by: sono

Posted by sono on Feb. 23 2006,13:11
Ok i downloaded a Xbox Game, and now i want to put it onto my blank dvd using my samsung cdr/dvd burner

the only problem is when i click burn it says cd/dvd devise not ready...why?

it reads what burner i have and everythin but i cant burn...

can anyone please help


ps - i do not have nero or any other burning software besides this ultra iso on my cpu... i have spec 2 if that makes any difference...also i have this version of ultra iso only

UltraISO Media Edition

Posted by xoben on Feb. 24 2006,19:35
Please grab an ASPI driver from < > , setup it and try out again.
Posted by Box on Mar. 08 2006,11:32
Hello there!
Xbox has a diferent file system called xfat so you can't see any file from a xbox iso on a regular fat/ntfs system like windows is.
Even if you try to read a dvd disk it's the same  :D
The only way is to put a disk in the xbox drive and access it through ftp.
Search the web for xfat and pc tools to create iso Xbox files.
See ya
Posted by Box on Mar. 08 2006,11:34
Sorry... me again...
Try to burn with DVD Decrypt. It will work fine  :;):
Posted by AJ on Apr. 29 2006,20:02
I'm trying to convert an ISO file of Knoppix to a CD-RW but unsuccessfully.  I keep getting the message "Output directory 'D': not found".  I've downloaded an ASPI driver and it made no difference.

Any ideas?


Posted by xoben on Apr. 30 2006,23:06
Hello AJ, please open the ISO file by UltraISO and press F7 to burn.
Posted by Janice on May 26 2006,20:29
I've just downloaded UltraISO in order to burn Office 2003 that I just purchased.
I have Roxio Creator LE Dell Edition 2.4.32(a) which I guess I can't use to make the CD?
If anyone here can please give me step-by-step instructions about how to do it with UltraISO, I'll be eternally grateful :))
I have my Office 2003 unzipped and waiting to go and I'm in limbo !
Thnx so much if you can help me

Posted by Janice on May 26 2006,21:36
I have UltraISO open but do not know how to put the files in that I want to burn... duh!
I have one image.cue and one image.bin that I want to burn.
I did it once but when I try to run my burned DVD it just shows them in their original state :(

The instructions I have from where I purchased the software (that I need to install by using the discs I'm trying to create) are:
 Just open Ultraiso -click Tools - burn CD/DVD Images (I can do this)
 Then select your bin file (note! *.cue file should be placed in the same directory as *.bin file)    THIS is what I do not understand.  I don't know where to put the files I want to burn.  Please explain this step .....

Posted by xoben on May 26 2006,21:44
Tips for burning BIN/CUE images:
1) Download CDRPack for UltraISO from < > and setup it
2) Start UltraISO, open the .CUE file and press F7 to burn to a CD-R/RW disc

Posted by jv4966 on Jun. 21 2006,00:40
i just downloaded a mdf-mds file and i cant open it in any of my programs does anyone know what to do? help
Posted by xoben on Jun. 21 2006,20:52
Please try Alcohol 120% to mount this image to a virtual drive.