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Topic: ***HELP PLS Win Vista ISO HELP***
started by: djtrekk

Posted by djtrekk on Jun. 22 2006,07:55

      I just downloaded the new Windows Vista from Microsoft. It is like a 3.6Gig Iso File. I have no clue as to how I can put this file on a disk so that I can boot it up and install. I tried to use nero but it didnt work out. Could sum1 please tell me the software I should be using and how I go about using it? I know I feel like such a newbie and hate bugging you for what seems should be easy for me but is not. Thanks a terabyte!!


Posted by xoben on Jun. 22 2006,09:28
1) Start UltraISO
2) Open the ISO file of Windows Vista
3) Press F7
4) Put a recordable DVD to the writer and Click 'Burn'