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Topic: Mixed mode DVD
started by: Shadowbird

Posted by Shadowbird on Jun. 25 2006,18:45
Hi. I'm trying to merge several CD images on a DVD, one of which is a mixed mode (data/audio) image. How do I make sure it remains that way on a DVD?
I tried to just open the mixed mode image and add the data files that I needed to the data part, but after saving, in the .cue file the audio tracks had negative time offsets. The image size is about 2 GB, but it will be a full single layer DVD.

Posted by xoben on Jun. 27 2006,05:16
As DVD disc supports data blocks only, it is not possible to create a mixed mode DVD image with audio+data tracks like CDs.

PS: Some third-party programs can create DVD-Audio (or Audio-DVD in a special format).