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Topic: Features missing
started by: schwob

Posted by schwob on Apr. 27 2006,05:58

Before Ultra ISO, I used Magic ISO. I miss two little features of Magic ISO:
- an asterisk at the end of the filename (in the title window) whenever a change is made in the ISO
- the drag and drop function of files between two ultra ISO sessions
Would it be possible to integrate them ?

Thank you.

Posted by xoben on Apr. 27 2006,10:22
Thanks schwob for your suggestions.
Posted by schwob on May 29 2006,05:21
Hello again,

I have another minor suggestion: would it be possible to clear the read-only tag whenever a file is extracted from ISO? It would be useful whenever we have to edit a text file and then re-inject it into the ISO.


Posted by schwob on Jun. 26 2006,10:56
Back again for a new question...

Is there a SDK for UltraISO like the one available for Nero ? My purpose is to use it with VB .Net because it would be so nice to use it inside my program instead of calling an external process for UltraISO with command line parameters.

Cheers for your answer.

Stephane Schwob

Posted by xoben on Jun. 27 2006,05:04
Hello schwob, could you explain your functional needs in more detail?

PS: At present, Nero provide a limited set of functions as NeroAPI.

Posted by schwob on Jun. 27 2006,05:57
In fact, like in Nero, I would like to use UltraISO in VB to:
- make ISO file from a CD
- integrate some files inside an ISO file (this point is the most important for me)
and if it's possible, I would be great to have the information of the progress to fill a progress bar.


PS: I have a dream...  :;):  As you made an interface to burn ISO file with Nero, would it be possible to call it directly from my program (I already made one but your's really better  :p ) ?

Posted by xoben on Jun. 27 2006,09:49
Thanks schwob for your feedback.

Could you tell us what kind of CDs are you processing (for example, Windows CD with ISO & Joliet volume, or Linux CD with RockRidge volume?)

PS: It is recommaned to send a message to with your detailed information, instead of talking about your private information on this forum.