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Topic: Make CD/DVD Image Problems
started by: jsp21c

Posted by jsp21c on Aug. 02 2006,15:32
Hi, I'm using the latest version ( to make a backup/mountable copy of my new routers installation disk just as I have done with other disks in the past.
This time however, I click the "make cd image" icon and navigate to the cd drive and the output name comes out as M:\ISOs\DSL-G624M.iso with the output format selected as standard ISO but when the rip starts the progress shows the file as M:\ISOs\DSL-G624M.iso.nrg   ...... the nrg has been added onto the iso and if I change options they are also strange such as iso.iso ..... I have managed to make a bin/cue image OK though.
Has anyone else experienced this ? BTW I don't have Nero installed.  :cool:

Posted by xoben on Aug. 02 2006,22:54
Hello jsp21c, your CD-ROM may have multiple-sessions, so it cannot be saved as standard ISO. In this case, UltraISO V8.2 will switch to NRG format automatically.

PS: To get a standard ISO file, please use 'File'->'Open CD/DVD', choose th right session, then 'File'->'Save As'.

Posted by jsp21c on Aug. 03 2006,04:56
Thanks xoben, the method you suggested worked !
Like you said there must have been multiple sessions, now the ISO mounts and everything is accessible off the menu where previously I was getting a corrupt error when trying to mount the iso.nrg file and the bin/cue file would mount but not everything was accessible off the menu.

Thanks for your help.