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Topic: UltraISO Premium V8.2.0.1669 update#1 is released
started by: xoben

Posted by xoben on Jul. 28 2006,02:38
1. What's New
 +) Supports project file, which can be reused to compile ISOs or burn CDs and DVDs
 +) Can compile IML (Sony PS2 CD/DVD Image) file to ISO, or import IML to UltraISO and burn it on-the-fly
 +) Can create PS2 DVD images from files and folders directly
 +) Keeps disc layout when editing PS2 DVD ISOs
 +) Supports BlindWrite 6 (.B6T/.B6I) format  
 +) Supports keyboard operation to browse files (Can type path name, <Enter> and < BackSpace> to change folder)
 +) New command line parameters for creating UDF DVD images (-udfdvd) and reading comand-line options from a text file (-cmd)
 +) New option for setting language by uikey.ini
 *) Fixed a on-the-fly burning problem with UDF volume (UltraBurn)
 *) Fixed a conflicting problem with Alcohol 120% (SPTD)
 *) Some minor improvements and bug fixes

2. Download Site

  < >

   Note: Please make sure that you are using version and newer versions to handle PS2 CD ISOs

3. Notes
  1) PS2 DVD support
    Since V8.2, you can handle PS2 DVD images properly:
    - Create/Burn PS2 DVDs from files on hardisk directly
    - Import/Burn IML file generated by Sony CD/DVD-ROM generator
    - Compile IML to ISO
    - Shrink PS2 DVD ISOs by deleting dummy files and 'Save As'

   2) Languge setting in uikey.ini
   Step 1: Make a sub-directory named "lang" in the folder where ultraiso.exe located
   Step 2: Copy the language DLL file from "c:\program files\ultraiso\lang" to this directory
   Step 3: Add one line as the following to uikey.ini, where 'zzzzz' is the item name of UltraISO's "Options"->"Language" menu.

   For example, if you want to use German language on portable environment:
   DLL file should be copied: lang_de.dll
   Parameter in uikey.ini: Language='Deutsch'

Posted by xoben on Aug. 03 2006,22:53
August 3, 2006 - UltraISO Premium Update#1 is available.
 1) Supports creating RAW ISOs of PS2 CDs, which can be burned by Nero or Alcohol 120% properly.
 2) Can edit ISOs with UDF volume directly (when 'Recompile ISO image on save' option is unchecked)
 3) Can open BIF file extracted from ISO/CD of Acronis TrueImage

Download: < >
File-size: 2,972,069 bytes
MD5: f7df0de30a3bf2d6dcdcf311779c60a9