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Topic: Portable: How to save language?
started by: sylvio2000

Posted by sylvio2000 on Jul. 12 2006,05:11
First, I have to say THANK YOU. :laugh:
For a long time my wish was to make Ultraiso really portable. By reading the licence from an ini-file this is nearly perfect.
But there  is one thing I am missing:

Is it possible to set another default language (than english) in the portable version without writing to the registry? I really would like to use german.

Posted by xoben on Jul. 12 2006,10:51
Thank you sylvio2000 for the suggestion. A new option will be added for setting language at next release of UltraISO very soon.
Posted by sylvio2000 on Jul. 12 2006,11:03
Hey, that sounds great  :cool:
2 days ago I bought Ultraiso to support this great work  :)

Posted by xoben on Jul. 12 2006,22:20
Hello sylvio2000, please check your PM.
Posted by baardog on Aug. 10 2006,06:09
I am also a registered user, and would also like to know how I can set up the reading of the licence/language file from an ini-file?


Posted by xoben on Aug. 10 2006,09:38
1) Create a text file, name it as uikey.ini, enter the following lines:


Where 'zzzzz' is the item name of UltraISO's "Options"->"Language" menu.

UltraISO will never ask for registration code and set the proper language if uikey.ini is found in the same place as ultraiso.exe.

2) Languge files
   Step 1: Make a sub-directory named "lang" in the folder where ultraiso.exe located
   Step 2: Copy the language DLL file from "c:\program files\ultraiso\lang" to this directory

Posted by baardog on Aug. 10 2006,11:00