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Topic: canīt see Drive/letter on Explorer, Vista home
started by: rezalet

Posted by rezalet on Sep. 25 2007,20:47

After i Install Ultra iso on Vista, everything was correct. After reboot also, but now i cant see on mount the drive G on Explorer, but i see this drive in Ultraiso on the left bottom frame. i get also the member that its loaded. When I chose 2 drives, i can se the second Driveletter "h" on explorer. Can you say me, what i can do or change?. Also I installed 3 times after deinstall. Help please.

Posted by xoben on Sep. 26 2007,03:07
It seems that drive G is used by another device driver.

Please try to change drive letter ( <;f=2;t=1736 > ) under console prompt with Admin's rights.

Posted by rezalet on Sep. 26 2007,12:14
:) THANKS I will try it. But i think its can be the problem.
Posted by rezalet on Sep. 26 2007,12:38
i change the drive letter. for the first to h:, and now i have can see drive letter G:. But Driveletter G: is the second. And h: I  cant see. I think its something with ultra iso.

Posted by xoben on Sep. 28 2007,05:05
Please try to change the first one to drive X:, and the second one to drive Y: .