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Topic: Blu-Ray / HD-DVD Support
started by: Mordor

Posted by Mordor on Jul. 06 2007,01:44
Hello all,
I apologize if this question has been asked before.

After downloading the trial version I am VERY impressed with UltraISO in general and am thinking of purchasing a registered version. I also plan on purchasing either a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD burner when the final format winner emerges and when prices come down to the point to where I can afford one.

Just curious...will there be support for either format in a future version of UltraISO?


Posted by Mordor on Jul. 06 2007,01:58
Hmmm...can't edit my previous post...anyway...

I am referring to the burning capabilities of UltraISO in general... not the image creating properties (as I believe I read 2 TB somewhere on making an image).


Posted by xoben on Jul. 06 2007,21:32
Sorry, this feature will not be available in the near future.
Posted by Mordor on Jul. 07 2007,15:18
Okies...thank you.


Posted by Zaldor on Oct. 02 2007,03:58

Okay.  It is now October 2, 2007!  The last EZB systems reply to this topic, back in June or July was that the ability to burn to blu-ray or HD-DVD will not come any time soon.   ???

I am right on the edge of buying your product, against my gut instinct, which tells me to spend an extra $10 to get Nero 7 Ultra and buy from an established company.  Nero 7, the current edition, already has blu-ray burning and HD DVD burning capability.  Just what do you mean by blu-ray and HD-DVD burning feature will not come out any time soon?  How do you answer the question now that it is October 2, 2007.  Can I please get an update?

And please do not say that you are going to wait until a standard format comes out, because that usually takes 2-3 years for the standards commission to decide on the standard format, unless you really mean it and that is the simple truth.  Look at how long it took to standardize something as simple as a 56K modem.  You should not wait.

Your current product has several weird formats that were out before standardization and no one can find anymore, but people probably have stockpiles of when they bought them (as CDs and DVDs of any format are cheap as dirt in bundles since DVD-R and DVD+R came out).  So do not use the "wait for standardization" excuse to save programming work now, please.

And one other question, since we are talking about formats.  DVD Recordables and DVD Re-Writables still have two formats each: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW.  Does this program support burning to any DVD readable by the burner, or do you program support in for each specific DVD format?  If the later is the case--do you support DVD+RW?  I have a burner that supports CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, and DVD+RW.  In other words, every CD-R and CD-RW format that will fit in the drive, both DVD formats, and DVD+RW, which means it supports everything up to the DVD double layer level, except the DVD-RW format.  So, when I buy DVD+RW, will your program support it?

Thank You.

P.S. - The quicker an EZB Systems representative responds, the more likely EZB Systems will get a sale.  If I do not hear back in a few days, I will go with Nero.  This is not a threat, but a plea from a poor college student who gets educational discounts from The University of Texas for Nero Software.

Again, Thank You for your help.

Posted by xoben on Oct. 02 2007,22:31
Thank you Zaldor for your message. The feature you requested is not available yet, please understand that we do not provide uncertain information about the future.