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Topic: Cant UnInstall UltraISO
started by: tippy

Posted by tippy on Apr. 05 2008,09:18
Hello, I just installed the trial version and decided to uninstall UltraISO.

It looks like most of the program was uninstalled but the UltraISO Program folder still exists, inside is a isoshell.dll file which cant be deleted...

Also when I right click on say a folder, I'm still seeing UltraISO options ( Add to etc... ) in the right click menu.

Can you please tell me how to 100% remove everything related to UltraISO?



OS : Vista Home 32b

Posted by xoben on Apr. 05 2008,09:55
1) Re-start Windows, and DO NOT start windows explorer
2) Re-setup UltraISO
3) Uninstall UltraISO