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Topic: copying from CD/DVD to .isz (command line)
started by: omontano

Posted by omontano on Apr. 09 2008,09:01
how to make a copy of a cd to .isz with command line with -compress 6 and -optimize
Posted by omontano on Apr. 09 2008,09:27
I forgot... also if it's possible to making a checksum of the isz file to veryfy at the moment and later the backup copy
Posted by xoben on Apr. 11 2008,22:29
1) commadline parameters:

ultraiso -directory H:\ -optimize -compress 6 -output "c:\test.isz"

Note: "H:\" is the CD drive, "c:\test.isz" is output filename

2) ISZ format has built-in checksum, you may choose 'Tools'->'Test ISZ' to check integrity of an ISZ image