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Topic: Convert bootable CD (ISO) to HDD
started by: mrhodes

Posted by mrhodes on Jun. 24 2008,13:17
I have a bootable CD that uses the Universal Network Boot Floppy Disk and a custom login script to quickly get computers up and running with ghost.

I would like to set up my computers with DUAL boot (DOS/XP) using the CD image as the DOS partition.  I can get a DOS / XP Dualboot to work but and then tried a direct copy of all files from the Floppy boot (hidden systems file included) along with the ghost.exe (the only file I added to the CD when making the boot CD from the bootable FDD.  But it is not working.

Will UltraISO convert my bootable CD to a bootable HDD partition - if yes HOW? If no - any suggestions.

Posted by xoben on Jun. 24 2008,20:08
Sorry, this feature is not supported by UltraISO.