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Topic: Problem overwriting files in ISO
started by: sirams

Posted by sirams on Jun. 20 2008,16:26
Hi all!
I am trying to create Windows XP boot DVD with SP3 and unattended installation.
Sometimes I have to edit unattended .sif or other additional text files and put them back into my iso iamge.

The problem is that it seems UltraISO is screwing up the image if I try to overwrite or add something.

At first I replaced .sif file and tested iso in VMWare. Installation stopped immediately and the installer told that .sif file has wrong line 1. However if viewing the .sif file in Ultraiso it was fine. Then I deleted the entire I386 folder in iso image and added the I386 fiolder again and saved the image. This time VMWare showed more progress - installation went to Detecting hardware... and got stuck.

Only when I deleted all the files in the iso and added them again and saved everything was fine.
I have UltraISO v 9.2336
I have tried previous UltraISO versions before and there were always similar problems.
It is a pity that I cannot find 100% sure way to get corrupted iso, it just happens sometimes.

Thanks for any ideas.

Posted by xoben on Jun. 20 2008,21:03
Thank you sirams  for your bug report. Did you use 'Save As' to get a new ISO or just overwrite the old one with unchecked 'Re-compile ISO when saving directly' ?
Posted by sirams on Jun. 21 2008,11:40
'Re-compile ISO when saving directly'  is enabled. But I have not tried "Save as..." yet.

If there is anything I can do to help you determine the problem I'll be glad to help (some experiments with ISOs or checksums maybe).

UltraISO is really great tool and I hope it will become reliable one day :)

Posted by xoben on Jun. 21 2008,20:34
Thank you sirams. A step by step instruction for how to re-produce this problem will be helpful to locate and fix this problem.
Posted by xoben on Jun. 26 2008,22:56
Now got a possible answer: your DVD image exceeds 4GB large in size. This is a problem of Windows setup program itself, which does work properly above 4GB position on DVD.

Suggestion: ALWAYS set priority of Windows setup programs (\I386 folder, for example) to a bigger value (> 0, for example) before saving a modified ISO (including file replacement action).