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Topic: How to Create a Custom Bootable DVD
started by: ChrisS

Posted by ChrisS on Jun. 19 2008,20:30
I'm trying to make a bootable DVD that will run Symantec Ghost and restore an image from the DVD to the hard drive automatically without any user intervention.  These are the steps I've followed and the results I've gotten so far.

1. Ghost Boot Wizard used to make a bootable CD ISO which includes PCDOS and Ghost files and extracted the boot image file with UltraISO
2. Created a Bootable CD/DVD with UltraISO and added all the files from the Ghost ISO as well as several batch files and two large Ghost image files (>3Gb)
3. Set the Boot Image File to that extracted in step 1
4. Saved the new ISO and burned to a DVD with Nero

When I boot from the DVD I can only see the files that were created in step 1 by the Ghost Boot Wizard.  This also happens if I extract and use the boot image file from a floppy image created with the Ghost Boot Wizard.

What have I missed?  Any help much appreciated.

Posted by xoben on Jun. 20 2008,10:04
The ghost images added to a DVD cannot be accessed unless a CD/DVD-ROM device driver was loaded in config.sys, and it located in a different drive letter than files created by Ghost Boot Wizard.
Posted by ChrisS on Jul. 01 2008,21:15
Further to this, the only solution I've found after many hours of experimenting and assistance from Symantec tech support is to use two DVDs.  One to boot into Windows PE with Ghost which then is used to create and restore an image on another DVD.

Numerous times I've encountered issues where both Ghost and UltraISO don't function the way they are documented which has been frustrating to say the least.  But what counts is I have a solution that means I can send a disk image to a regional office so staff can use their new equipment.