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Topic: ISO creation trouble
started by: Ag565

Posted by Ag565 on Jul. 02 2008,18:08
Hey, I am new to the forums and making an iso.  When I make a CD image the estimated time for completion is 12 hours.  Is this normal?  If not are there any suggestions for fixing it.  I have a NEC DVD-RW that is fairly new so I don't think that is an issue.  Thanks in advance for any help!
Posted by xoben on Jul. 02 2008,19:24
Your CD may be copy-protectet. It is recommanded to try third-party programs such as CloneCD or Alcohol 120% instead.
Posted by Ag565 on Jul. 02 2008,20:07
Ah, true I am trying to back up a game cd.  Thanks a lot, I remember using this program last year, just slipped my mind when I decided to back up the game.