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Topic: Windows XP Slipstream - alternate method
started by: bs107

Posted by bs107 on Jul. 24 2008,17:42
I know it has been asked before, but don't think I found an answer. xoben has posted and pinned the topic < How to slipstream Windows XP SP2 with UltraISO >, but it appears more complicated than need be when using UltraISO.

Why not just replace the files using UltraISO?
1. Create ISO of your original XP CD
2. Copy XP CD to hard disk
3. Download SP and slipstream
4. From within UltraISO, remove original file and replaced with updated slipstream files on hard disk
5. Save updated ISO and burn image

It seems simpler than "Extract Boot File" and then "Load Boot File"?

Is there a reason this method should not be used or xoben's method is better?