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Topic: merging of ISO files
started by: hkw

Posted by hkw on Jul. 08 2008,05:00
I have downloaded Office SP2 and SP3 respectively in ISO formats and hope to burn them altogether in 1 DVD. How can I proceed with Ultra ISO Premium v.9.0 and hope you can advise the exact procedure and steps on actual processing with the software. Many thanks for the help!
Posted by xoben on Jul. 08 2008,22:40
Suggestion: put the two ISO's to a new ISO, burn a DVD, then load them by ISODrive.
Posted by hkw on Jul. 24 2008,22:45
xoben: Can you please explain clearly on the working procedure for putting the two ISO files to a new ISO file, burning to dvd as well as loading by ISO drive since I am very new to this software and just install in not long ago! I have searched many places and also via internet of tutorial for using this software and unfortunately I can't any. Can you recommend any to refer to and many thanks for your kind assistance!
Posted by hkw on Jul. 24 2008,22:51
Sorry, I forget to include can it be possible to have the DVD bootable since it will be much more easier for software installation. Many thanks!
Posted by hkw on Jul. 24 2008,22:54
xoben: If the reply is too long for the illustration, I would be much grateful if you can send me email direct to Thanks!