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Topic: UltraISO 9.3 PE is released
started by: xoben

Posted by xoben on Jul. 24 2008,22:33
1, What's New
 +) Enhanced U+ boot technology (USB-HDD+/USB-ZIP+), improves boot
    compatibility and reliability
 +) New "Xpress Boot" feature set, can keep disk format on creating
    bootable USB flash drive's(UFD's)(Xpress Write) and change master boot
    record(MBR)/boot sector of UFD's with ease
 +) Can make ISO image from emulated USB-CDROM drive's
 +) Can save multi-segment .ISO/.NRG images (above 4GB) in FAT32 volume
 +) Can use ultraiso.ini to save/load configuration (install="-1")
 *) Keeps graphics menu on writing isolinux/syslinux based bootable UFD's
 *) Some minor improvements and bug fixes  

2, Download site

< >

3, File information
Latest version:
File size: 3,499,226 bytes
MD5: 3706b78939ff2c5a18f66770a974fe6c

4, Additional note for "Xpress Boot' feature set
1) You may use this new feature by choose 'Bootable'->'Write Disk Image' from main menu, and click on 'Xpress Boot' button
2) "Xpress Write" works just like 'Write', but it keeps disk format on the UFD.
Warning: To keep consistance of bootable UFD, files with same name as in the opend ISO image will be replaced. Backup your data on your UFD is recommanded before 'Xpress write'!

3) You may change boot mode of your UFD with 'Write New MBR', for example, changing a bootable UFD from USB-HDD/USB-ZIP to bootable USB-HDD+/USB-ZIP+, no need to re-create a whole bootable UFD
4) As well you may change boot sector of your UFD with 'Write New Boot Sector', for example change a DOS bootable UFD to WinPE or Syslinux bootable UFD. Additional system file should exist in your device.
5) 'Partition Editor' may help you to Active/Hide partition on USB hard disk's with multiple partition.

Posted by xoben on Jul. 24 2008,23:02
"Xpress Boot":