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Topic: Still waiting for ...
started by: Alastor

Posted by Alastor on Jun. 29 2008,18:20
Hello xoben,

I am still waiting for the "portable" version of UltraISO i.e. the one that read/write all prefs and other things from a local .ini file.

Is it still in progress?


Posted by xoben on Jun. 29 2008,22:00
At present, you may use 'Ctrl+Alt+E' to save current settings to ultraiso.ini .
Posted by Alastor on Jun. 30 2008,03:53
Great, but it's not quite portable since doesn't export licence keys and so if i want to run it from an usb drive it ask me for reg everytime...
Posted by xoben on Jun. 30 2008,21:17
Please read related topics at <;f=2;t=1412 > and < > for how to create uikey.ini.
Posted by spacesurfer on Jul. 25 2008,22:56
You have to include single quotes in the name and key in order for uikey.ini to work.