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started by: X3lectric

Posted by X3lectric on Jan. 06 2011,09:35

A long while back I sent the developer a full set of new icons for all categories to replace the existing, I did this free of charge for 3 reasons...

1) I Love Ultraiso and support it, hate that some icons are half cut like e.g save as (the two floppies the smaller is blatantly cut)

2) The current set of icons is well outdated I have read people asking for new icons/skins

3) All I asked in return is that I get a mention on site or software or whatever saying I contributed the work free of charge or whatever suing my real name which is in the program registration.

I fully discussed with the developer the format that the icons should sizes etc, and he thanked me for them be and as far as I know they should just go in nicely into the resource file.

He seemed glad about the idea and as keen to see the work and even said he liked them.

A couple of weeks after the release that's up atm came out, the new icons were nowhere to be seen.

I asked if there were any problems, never got a reply, ever since then support emails and the lot looks dead to me.

SO all I would like is the developer if he's still developing or not to show me some courtesy.

After all I did support UI by buying a licence well in fact more then one for other users in the office back then.

SOrry if it sounds like a moan but I did work for a few hours for nothing it seems.
I have contacted support via email several times and there's no reply, so Im hoping there live inthe forums somewhere...

Posted by xoben on Jan. 10 2011,22:26
Thank you X3lectric for your support to us.

Please understand that not all suggestions were accepted by us.

Posted by X3lectric on Jan. 11 2011,17:45
Please can you clarify?

If its about the icons and the ask of mention please feel free to use them even without attributing any mention or anything in relation to me, I give them freely asking for nothing in return, just to facilitate, that ultraiso should have new icons.

They are license free as I am the author... I own all rights to them and hereby grant you free usage for inclusion in ultraiso now and forever free of chrage and without any restrictions or limitations.

I don't understand... what problem is... and I hope that either way you include either that set any set of your choice,

Ultraiso deserves a better quality icons and I hope that you if deciding not to use mine get something else that is of decent standard, no offense the existing is professionally speaking a mess.

I would even pay you to use my set if I could afford it.

if you like I hereby release then under any gpl licence model if tyou so wish just let me know what is what you require, in order to facilitate any problems.

I would apprecciate clarification what you mean by not all suggestions were accepted by you and by courtesy explain why even if in private.

Posted by X3lectric on Jan. 11 2011,17:49
also is ultraiso still being developed?