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Topic: UltraISO 64 bit?
started by: Balema

Posted by Balema on Jan. 10 2011,02:18
Is there a 64 bit version or it is only a 32 bit prog that it is compatible with 64 bit windows?

Thank you in advance!

Posted by xoben on Jan. 10 2011,22:22
It is a 32 bit program that it is compatible with 64 bit Windows.
Posted by Balema on Jan. 11 2011,13:35
Thank you very much!
Posted by X3lectric on Jan. 15 2011,23:41
+1 to balema  it works under windows 64, does not make it compatible in every way certainly not even close. But it does work under 64bit.

In Ultraiso's case it would be advantageous because of high amount of data processed even if the program is able to utilize more than 4MB Ram. The calculations /compression and other functions would receive a likewise boots on a as as 68Bit Program.

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T think it would benefit everyone to actually read this document which I found relevant, especially the developer.

A similar case.

Winrar 64bit and winrar 32 bit they both work on 64bit but because of what they handle on my machine there was a 12.3% increase of speed while compressing the same file using the native 64bit.