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Topic: UltraISO Premium update2 is released
started by: xoben

Posted by xoben on Jun. 27 2006,04:53
1. What's new
  +) Build-in CD/DVD burning engine, can write all supported (30+) data CD/DVD images to DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/+R DL and DVD-RAM
  +) Supports On-the-Fly burning mode
  +) Supports compressed ISO image (.ISZ) format with AES256 encryption and heavy compression
  +) Can split an ISO image up to 100 segments (volumes) with custom size (ZIP-100, CD-650, CD-700 and variable DVD size in bytes)
  +) Improved DVD-Video image creation, increases compatibility with home DVD players
  +) Can detect and mount ISO images to Virtual CloneDrive (version 5.1.4.x and above)
  +) New command line parameter for replacing files in an ISO image with same size file on disk
  +) Improved portable environment support, can read registration information from ini file and clear reopen file list (by Ctrl+Alt+H)
  *) Fixed a conflicting problem with Gear Video 8.01
  *) Some minor improvements and bug fixes

2. Download

  < >

3. Tips for new features
  1) ISZ (ISo Ziped format)
  One of the most advanced archive formats like RAR and ZIP, it is:
  - a secure ISO format, as AES256 encryption is supported, you can use a password with up to 32 characters  length
  - a small size ISO format, you can compress an ISO image to smaller size.  What is 'Heavy Compress' feature? you can give it a try.
  - spanned CD/DVD format. If your ISO image is a large file, you can split it to segmented ISZ files(I01, I02, ...). So you can burn a DVD ISO to multiple CD-R discs, as well as burn a 200GB large file to a couple of DVD-R/+R discs. In addition, it is possible to store DVD images on FAT16/FAT32 volume under Windows 98 systems now.

  2) Build-in CD/DVD burning engine(UltraBurn)
  If you have Nero, version works just like previous versions - use NeroAPI automatically. Otherwise, UltraBurn will be called.
  The on-the-fly burning feature may be helpful to you:
  - Burn files and folders with no need to save it to an ISO first, for example, burn spanned CD/DVD images with multiple files (.ISZ/.I01/.I02,...)
  - Open an ISO, add/delete some files and burn directly. For example, open ISO image of Windows Vista Beta2, add activation code to it and burn a DVD, keep the original ISO unchanged.

  3) Use UltraISO in USB Key or CD/DVD-ROM
  Create a text file, name it as uikey.ini, enter the following lines:
UltraISO will never ask for registration code if uikey.ini is found in the same place as ultraiso.exe.
  Want to clear history file list of reopen? just press 'Ctrl+Alt+H' .

Posted by Guest on Jun. 27 2006,15:45
could you tell me the md5 of this new version?
Posted by Guest on Jun. 29 2006,04:15

(xoben @ Jun. 27 2006,08:53)
- a small size ISO format, you can compress an ISO image to smaller size.

How can you mount .isz?
Alcohol and Daemon tools websites do not seem to tell anything.
If you can't, what's the point?

Posted by xoben on Jun. 29 2006,09:36
July 6, 2006 - UltraISO Premium Update2 is available.
  1) Langauges updated: Dutch, Spanish, Slovenian, and Brazilian Portuguese.
  2) Fixed a conflicting problem with Alcohol 120% (SPTD)
  3) Option for not importing UDF volume when editing a PS2 CD/DVD image

June 29, 2006 - UltraISO Premium Update1 is available.
  1) Langauges updated: German, Italian, Sweden, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Arabic, Estonian, Korean, Belarusian, Croatian and Serbian.
  2) Fixed a bug with making ISO images from some CD-ROM devices

Download: < >
File-size: 2,901,078 bytes
MD5: b6b6780eb7495e383c2796a0596a60db

Posted by Vagn eriksen on Jun. 30 2006,17:29
Mobile support "uikey.ini" does not work as explained. Still asks for registration.

Kind Regards, Vagn Eriksen

Posted by xoben on Jul. 01 2006,01:01

(Guest @ Jun. 30 2006,21:29)
Mobile support "uikey.ini" does not work as explained. Still asks for registration.

Kind Regards, Vagn Eriksen

Please e-mail your uikey.ini to for checking. Thanks.
Posted by Dr. BOB on Jul. 07 2006,18:16
Where is the link for UISO update2 ????
Download site & redirects have not been updated & still offer 1625 from June.
I've read through many posts here & would love to try build 2.
Thank you.

Posted by xoben on Jul. 08 2006,00:46
Hello Dr. BOB, the files on the download site is UltraISO update2, but the listing information (June 26) is not changed.
Posted by rachel12 on Jan. 01 2011,05:29
You are doing great work. Your version updation help me too much in completion of my project. Because i am working on this. Thanks  :)
Posted by alixolson on Jan. 25 2011,07:09
CD images are files that store complete data information from the disc, including boot information. The standard that is generally used is the now famous ISO9660, and this is why CD/DVD image files are usually called ISO files.

There is a lot to say about these subjects, but I am not your IT History teacher, my purpose now is to show you a tool that's related with what I've just said. What kind of tool?