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Topic: How to create *.iso from directory on hard disc?
started by: mattad

Posted by mattad on Jan. 24 2011,14:08
Assume I have a directory tree with lost of files on my hard disc e.g. D:\mystsuff\

How can I create (with UltraISO v9.3.6) an *.iso image from it?

How can I create a bootable *.iso image from it?

i tried almost all menus:

Tools->Make CD/DVD image
Bootable->Make Disk image

...nothing worked


Posted by xoben on Jan. 25 2011,20:07
1) Start UltraISO
2) Choose 'Actions'->'Add Directory' from main menu
3) Select the right directory, such as "D:\mystsuff\" and click on 'OK'
4) Choose 'File'->'Save' to get an ISO image