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Topic: Drag and Drop doesn't work
started by: bugme

Posted by bugme on Feb. 11 2012,12:51
in UltraIso I can not add files or folders by Drag and Drop. Nothing happens, the files/folders will not be added.
I always need to do "Actions - Add files/Add Directory". And this is so awful while editing an image, because I have sometimes to add MANY files and folders.

My OS is Windows 7 x64 .
Please, can you help me?

Posted by jgt1942 on Mar. 10 2012,01:12
Interesting issue, try upgrading to the latest release. I've performed the drag-n-drop numerous times (I just tested) and it has always worked for me. Win7 x64.
Posted by peleus on May 19 2012,13:29
Hi bugme, I tried the latest release but no go. Any luck on this?