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Topic: Bootable ISO Files with UltraISO
started by: BrianLayman

Posted by BrianLayman on Dec. 29 2011,17:03
Hey all,

I did the normal thing which is to weigh the purchase of UltraISO against Magic ISO and as a result purchased Ultra ISO.

I bought it because it seemed to handle USB drives better.  My main purpose was to create an ISO File that I would use with YUMI to boot to from my thumb drive.  See my wife's laptop CD Drive wasn't working and I wanted to boot to her rescue CD and redo the LT.

However, YUMI isn't recognizing the ISO file as a bootable ISO.  (Information about Yumi is at  I don't want to paste a bunch of links in my first post and get marked as a spammer, so forgive me for not linking to these sites).  I did find how to do it in Magic ISO (search for bootable ISO and it is the second result and on the magicISO site) and I went through the equivalent steps (Load the ISO, Load the boot files and then save the iso again) in UltraISO and the ISO file it created was the exact same size as the original ISO file I ripped.  The original CD I created the ISO from was of course bootable and I was able to create a boot file from it. That is the .bif file I loaded before saving the ISO image again.  I was surprised that I'd have to go through any extra steps since I ripped from a bootable CD.

So, does UltraISO support Bootable ISO files? and if so, how do I create them?

Posted by xoben on Dec. 31 2011,03:20
YUMI is a syslinux-based multiboot USB disk creator, your rescue CD may not be a suitable ISO for it.

It is recommanded to open your bootable ISO image with UltraISO, and choose 'Bootable'->'Write disk image' from main menu to create a bootable USB flush drive directly.

Posted by mithcd on May 26 2012,16:09
Any luck on getting this set up Brian?