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Topic: Error sending cue sheet - attempt to burn BR
started by: Kap

Posted by Kap on Nov. 17 2011,05:56
I have some problem wyth my new BR drive (Liteon IHBS112)
1.When I try to burn BR DL disk (BR-DL Verbatim x4 - Mitsubishi Kagaku) i get "error sending cue sheet" - mode set DAO, when I set TAO it starts to burn. Unfortunately burning process takes ages. First my BR disk was burned 3 hours!
2.Why there's no option to set burn BR under x4? Why there;s no x2, or x1?
3. Another thing - why do we have in options x4(600Kbps) Its recording rate for CD, not for DVD or BR!
4. My first BR disk is low quality :-( (yes, the same one burned within within 3 hours) OptiDrive reads it x0,2 (sic!)
What;s wrong?
My OS - Win XPSP3, I don't have NeroAPI installed. Recorder - new - Liteon iHBS112, mainboard DFI LanParty DK X38...
Any halp wil be apprceciated

Posted by xoben on Nov. 17 2011,21:45
Sorry, UltraISO does not support Blu-Ray disc  burning yet.
Posted by pusaqall on May 29 2012,02:26
When will it be supported? Are there any plans about it?