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Topic: I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out Jhio
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Posted by ciciintheworld on Oct. 31 2012,02:13
1) I went to Michigan State University and I am huge Spartan Football, Hockey, and Basketball Fan. I understand the program there doesn have the reputation that University of Michigan had in the past, but their fans have the utmost false sense of accomplishment. They will have beaten a team no one has ever heard of and brag to pieces. Their Basketball team had the same record as MSU this year and they are they are boasting of having an ubberly fantastic season. I went to this past seasons football game at UM and I had a guy with a nice long pony tail and tats on every inch of his leather like skin was harassing and swearing at me and my friends the whole time (I am female by the way). He ended up leaving speechless as time ran down and MSU won 34-17. And I will tell you not all UM fans treat people shitty, it is usually the trailer trash ones (walmart wolvies as we call them) that give State fans a hard time. The ones that  < Atlanta Falcon Jerseys >  never went to the school nor do they have any connection to the school at all, they just think they are die hard fans of the school when  most of them might have finished 1 semester at community college. There is no professional sport rivalry I have experience like a college one.

2) NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, NHL, MLB, NFL

If you disagree with either of my top 2 picks you have never sat in the student section of D1 school when someone shows up wearing the other teams colors. The a$$hole chants, stuff being thrown at them, etc. Never goes as far at pro sporting events as it does at college.

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Experiences and opinion

1) Having his kid kick the back of my seat the entire game. When I turned around and asked him to have his kid stop, he said "He a kid. What am I supposed  < Frank Gore Jersey >  to do?" Tell your freakin kid to sit still and watch the game!

I moved to Buffalo last summer,  < Customized Atlanta Falcons Jerseys >  but I still a Bruins fan. I was able to go to one Sabres-Bruins game this season (wearing my B jersey), and the heckling was minor.

2) Violent animosity, probably basketball. Even the players like to jump in the stands these days. Then again, that incident at the Dodgers-Giants baseball game was awful. So I guess the sport is really irrelevant. Idiots will be idiots.

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lol must have been interesting

1. Honestly, nobody I actually know in person I never have had problems with. Recently, being called an "Itch" and saying I don know anything about hockey Irritated me, but then again I know I not dumb when it comes to my favorite sport. So haters will hate I guess, not my problem lol

2. Well living in the US, besides for my crowd of friends that I hang out with, most people fight over basketball. I had an NYI fan vandalise my car in the 2002 ECQF (my Ontario licence tags and Leafs licence tag holder in New York apparently gave liberty for this behaviour). Nothing quite like coming out to  < Tiki Barber Jersey >  your car to  find a window shattered in and profanity keyed on your paint job.

2) The NFL. I have been to professional sports on three continents. I watched English soccer back in the days of terracing (or no seats- just stand and cram in- saw a Wimbledon-Bradford game in beyond-horrible weather next to a group of "England  < Dennis Dixon Jersey >  for the English" types). I watched State of Origin rugby league in Australia. I been to two NFL games and won go back. The violence (I talking full-blown all-in brawls) at the two  NFL games trumped it. Not sure how, but saw a fan with a gun tucked in his pants, and several with knives. The difference is that in North America we generally don segregate different team fans like they do in Europe.

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