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Topic: Extracted UEFI Boot Image UEFI capable?
started by: Saltgrass

Posted by Saltgrass on Nov. 06 2012,10:46
Since the newest version of UltraISO supports UEFI, I was wondering what the difference is between using an extracted boot image from a UEFI DVD or Opening the DVD, adding files and then making the .iso.  

It seems I got the Opened version to boot correctly, but the .iso made with an extracted image would not.  There may be some settings I have not yet found or have set incorrectly, so any guidance would be appreciated.

Edit:  I just ran another test using the extracted boot image and it seemed to work.  Now, if Microsoft doesn't get the problem with making the Windows 8 Upgrade .iso from the Upgrade Advisor/Installer fixed, I have another option.

Posted by Saltgrass on Nov. 07 2012,22:56
I think I may have spoken too soon.  I have again tried to make a DVD UEFI bootable using a .bif file.

I can edit a known good boot .iso and add files to it and it boots correctly, I just cannot use the .bif file to make a new .iso bootable from scratch.

I add the .bif file and the .iso shows as being bootable UDF, but it does not show the UEFI as a boot option.  What am I missing?


Edit:  Well again, I may have it.  It seems using the efisys.bin file as a boot image works.