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Topic: Error When Trying to Burn
started by: VaineDragon

Posted by VaineDragon on Nov. 23 2012,12:35
Here is a Picture of this, please help.
Posted by leogets on Jan. 04 2015,12:59
I just installed UltraISO on an AMD system running Win7 x64 Pro and I'm having the exact same issue with burning.
I installed both trial versions 32 and 64bit of PowerISO and have no problems burning images with their software..
UltraISO is a 32bit program and running on a 64bit OS I think is where the problem lies dealing with the SATA AHCI.
But how do you fix this... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I tried to make a Hiren's boot cd with UltraISO on a blank DVD... but it doesn't work.  The software that comes with windows... isoburn.exe WORKS, PowerISO also works but UltraISO and Nero Burner Rom 32bit both fail to burn on a 64bit OS.